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Rubio Hopes to Avoid Trump

July 9, 2016 - 6:00am
Marco Rubio and Donald Trump
Marco Rubio and Donald Trump

Marco Rubio continues to avoid associating with presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Earlier this week, the Tampa Bay Times reported that Rubio will not attend the Republican convention later this month in Cleveland. 

"Florida has always been a competitive state and it will be this fall,” Olivia Perez-Cubas, a spokeswoman for Rubio, told the Times. “Marco had planned to go to the convention before he decided to seek re-election. Since Marco got into the race late, he will be in Florida campaigning and meeting with voters instead of going to Ohio.”

On Thursday, when Trump came to Washington to meet with Republican congressional leaders, Rubio skipped out on the meeting, presiding over the Senate while the GOP caucus heard from their party’s presumptive presidential nominee. For his part, Rubio said there was no point in going. 

"Of all the people in that room, I'm quite familiar with his position on a number of issues," Rubio told the media. 

Despite those remarks, Rubio was scheduled to attend a closed doors event with Trump in South Florida on Friday. Trump canceled the event after snipers shot and killed police officers in Dallas. While Rubio hopes avoiding Trump could help his chances for a second term and another  presidential bid down the road, there are some dangers in blowing off the GOP’s presumptive nominee. Trump utterly routed Rubio in the presidential primary back in March, carrying 66 of the Sunshine State’s 67 counties. While Trump urged Rubio to run for another term in the Senate, the GOP’s nominee’s supporters might not be as forgiving of the senator avoiding their candidate.

Businessman Carlos Beruff was the only major Republican candidate not to bow out of the Senate race after Rubio announced at the last minute that he would seek another term. Beruff has been outspoken in his support of Trump, even saying he was willing to speak at the convention in Cleveland since Rubio had no interest in doing so.

Beruff continued that line of attack on Tuesday when he took aim at Rubio on immigration. 

“When faced with increasing threats to Americans, what did Marco Rubio do?" Beruff asked. “Rather than work to secure the border, he supported Obama’s amnesty plan for illegal immigrants, endearing him to the Washington establishment in his bid for president. It’s clear that ISIS and others intent on doing us harm will use any means necessary, including our southern border, to enter this country.

“And now, Senator Rubio won’t support Donald Trump, who is committed to closing the border and restricting travel to America from countries with terrorist connections,” Beruff added. “We need a senator who will support Trump’s agenda to secure our border and keep America safe.  We don’t need a Senator committed to the establishment and his own political ambitions.”  

With less than two months to go until the primary, Rubio has a strong lead over Beruff in the polls.


Little Marco is the "Fabian" of the Republican Party. Fabian was plucked off the streets in Philly in the 50's when the requirement to be a Rock and Roll star was to be handsome and white. He was a big success early on with the teenagers even though his singing was average at best. He had a decent career even though his singing and acting was sub par because of the momentum he acquired in the early stages of his career. My intent is not to mock Fabian because he is a decent guy and was an overachiever. Little Marco is neither.

HaHa!!! What a couple of losers that you all deserve. ...... And what will be left of the right after they lose this election big time including the Senate and likely House....... With Trump and pot on the ballot you are going to lose. And it is your own fault spreading hate and fear...... You've run off the decent Republicans, what you call rinos because you are so far to the right you can't even see the center from there...... And we have far better economy under deme cutting the deficit and even balancing the budget vs destroying the world's economy when Republicans are in charge. What's up with that?

"Rubio avoid Trump"?!?... Hell,..its Marco Polio who's the 'toxic' one !!!!!!

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!... The Republican Convention has been innoculated against the "Marco Polio disease" ! (Anyone have a serum against the "blank lives matter" scum that are killing cops?!?

One madman killed the police officers. Blaming the Black Lives Matter people which includes white preachers, and white citizens like me is like saying all law enforcement is to be blamed for each wrongful killing of black citizens. Black Lives Matter is about a peaceful solution to the shameful killings of innocent Americans. Training is needed so this doesn't happen every week. Weapons need to be kept out of the hands of suspected terrorists and republicans need to find the balls some were born with to stand up to the NRA. Police officers face a daunting public, no doubt, but republicans voting to allow suspected terrorists on FBI lists to BUY guns LEGALLY is a slap in the face of every police officer. Why are they making the lives and jobs of law enforcement ever more difficult?

Wasn't it just a month or so ago that Rubio said he would do anything he could to help Trump because he was the Rep. nominee? I was one of those who voted for Rubio his first Senate run. I had great hopes for him. But then he got involved in the 'Gang of 8,' failed to show up for work (like Cruz whose attendance was ranked 97th), used a government credit card to pay for family vacations, paving of his driveway, etc. I will not vote for Rubio. I will vote for Carlos Beruff in the primaries -- but will NOT vote for Grayson.

I agree with you 100%. Heaven knows, we need the Republican party to "pull-together", which means "If you're running for office on the Republican ticket, you need to stand behind ALL Nominees". This reminds me of 'Liitle Marco's attendance record in the Senate -- or rather, NON-attendance. BERUFF gets my vote. Grayson should be GONE!

Don't count Marco out! He is still so young, and he has made his mistakes, but if you watch closely and think it through you will see that each time he takes a daring and courageous route instead of falling back into the status quo fray! He is going to be a star yet...but he is doing things God's way and not man's way. Watch him closely... and you will see what the Lord will do with this man.

God takes care of people who go to work all the time, work hard and don't complain. Marco whines about one of the best jobs in America. He barely goes, but takes home a salary of about $174,000 a year. He should give half back because that's about his record of attendance. Most Floridians would be grateful to make half his salary! I would be, especially if it included any of the most amazing perks that his job has. Carlos is a much better candidate, a successful businessman like Trump. Rubio is sadly a spoiled petulant child who needs to stop crying about his horrible job and do something. He's been in the Senate for 5 3/4 years and can anyone name something big that he has accomplished in that time? The immigration bill he cowrote and could have been powerful, he ran from when the bosses told him to drop it.

...and don't count ON Marco either !... He will just leave you "high & dry".... (Maybe THAT was the God's way too,..for all our benefit !) ...and don't worry, We ARE "watching him closely" !!!!

His religion has nothing to do with his poor performances. His absentee record in Congress tells a lot about this man. Unfortunately, for those supporting him , he's become a bit of a liar, he has sidestepped most issues by blaming the politicians/issues for getting in the way, and worst yet, he's become a thief. Thief in that he's accepted money for NOT working in Congress, based on his low life attendance record. I would not vote for him OR Grayson so....GO CARLOS! Also, GO TRUMP!!

Fascinating Republican infighting! Reason does not play a role, and neither does reality. Bombastic yelling and shouting of unsupported scare tactics have taken the place of realistic and intelligent discourse in the Republican World.

"Infighting??.. NO: We're just repelling repugnant, dishonest, self-serving RINO "opportunists".... and we have plenty of 'real reason' in Marco Polio's case !

I just took a poll in my living room and 99.9 percent of those polled do NOT support "little Marco", as he is known in the community. Poles are only good for fishing in the sea, or rivers. While I have planned on supporting Trump, just because Rubio is running scared of Trump only reinforces my will to vote for Trump. Whenever little Marco's lips move, there's a lie coming, or being spoken. (ABR) Anybody But Rubio! GO TRUMP!!

Poll this, we will be voting for Carlos Beruff in the Primaries and if Rubio still wins then we will vote for that dumb dumb Alan Grayson, anybody but Rubio. You lie like clinton Rubio!

I know a few people that will not be voting Rubio this election because you will not support Donald Trump, and they voted for your 1st term. Ouch!

"DOUBLE OUCH!!!"... I know dozens (plus) who are just 'plain disgusted' with the "Marco Polio disease" and WILL NOT vote him back into the Senate for ANY (I repeat: ANY) reason ! (DeSantis should have "stayed the course"...he would have taken the "trophy").

To avoid Trump is to avoid success. Rubio. your stupid is showing..

...THAT'S WHAT WE'VE BEEN SAYING ALL ALONG...!!!!!!... M. Polio, your 'stupid' has been showing throughout the primary, and your 'pandering' has become your artform, and your downfall....

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