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Clinton 'Pulling Ahead' of Trump in Florida, Q-Poll Shows

June 21, 2016 - 8:45am
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is “pulling ahead" of Donald Trump in Florida, a new poll shows. 

Quinnipiac University released a poll on Tuesday which showed Clinton taking 47  percent in the Sunshine State while Trump gets 39 percent. When the field is expanded to include minor party candidates, Clinton takes 42 percent, Trump gets 36 percent, Libertarian Gary Johnson pulls 7 percent and Jill Stein from the Green Party garners 3 percent. 

"Secretary Hillary Clinton is pulling ahead in Florida," said Peter Brown, the assistant director of the Quinnipiac Poll, on Tuesday, noting she is doing “much better among Democrats than Trump is among Republicans” in Florida.  

“Traditionally GOP presidential candidates score better on this party loyalty test,” Brown noted. 

Men favor Trump 45 percent to 41 percent in Florida while women go Clinton’s way 52 percent to 34 percent. Trump has the support of 82 percent of Republicans but 8 percent of them prefer Clinton. On the Democratic side, Clinton gets 93 percent of her party’s faithful while 2 percent back Trump. Independents go Clinton’s way 44 percent to 35 percent. White voters break for Trump 51 percent to 36 percent while 72 percent of non-whites go for Clinton while 15 percent of these voters prefer Trump. 

Both of the candidates are upside down in Florida. Trump is seen as unfavorable by 61 percent while 33 percent of those surveyed see him favorably. Clinton is viewed favorably by 39 percent but 53 percent see her as unfavorable. 

Voters are split on who they see the candidates. Asked who is better prepared to be president, 60 percent say Clinton and 31 percent say Trump. When asked about who has higher moral standards, 47 percent answer Clinton and 36 percent say Trump. Clinton is also seen as more intelligent than her Republican rival with 53 percent saying she is smarter than Trump while 33 percent think he is more intelligent than she is. When asked about who is more honest, 43 percent say Trump and 40 percent answer Clinton. The Democrat is also seen as more inspiring by 44 percent while 42 percent think Trump is. Asked who is a stronger leader, Trump is the answer of 46 percent while 45 percent think it’s Clinton. 

Trump is seen as better for the economy with 49 percent saying he would be better at creating jobs while 41 percent say Clinton will. Asked about who would be more effective against ISIS, 48 percent say Trump and 42 percent say Clinton. When asked about immigration, 50 percent think Clinton’s better while 43 think Trump would be more effective. A majority--54 percent--say Clinton would be better in handling an international crisis while 39 percent think Trump would be. 

Brown mulled over the results as well as polls of Ohio and Pennsylvania which showed close contests. 

"Of the three swing states, Florida has the largest number of electoral votes,” Brown said. “In fact, it has the most of any of the roughly dozen states around the country considered to be in play. It is Hillary Clinton's best state and perhaps Donald Trump's toughest lift. One reason might be Florida has a larger Hispanic population than the other two states, and Trump has clashed with Hispanic leaders over some of his remarks.”

Florida voters were asked if Trump’s insistence that an American-born judge of Mexican ancestry should recuse himself from presiding over a case over whether Trump University was racist due to his heritage. A majority--58 percent--said it was racist but 35 percent said it was not. 

The poll of 975 Florida voters was taken from June 8-June 19 and had a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percent.


I DON'T HAVE ANY CREDENCE IN THE LIBERAL NATIONAL MEDIA, THAT HAS A MONOPOLY OVER THE PRINTED WORD, WHEN THEY HID THE FACTS ABOUT HILLARY CLINTON? REMEMBER THE NATIONAL MEDIA SLANTED HEAVILY TOWARDS DEMS & LIBERALS, WILL NEVER TELL YOU THE WHOLE TRUTH. CHECK OUT CABLE'S UNBIASED NEWS ON "ONE AMERICAN NEWS NETWORK." THOSE WHO DON'T DO THE RESEARCH ON THE CRIMINAL HISTORY AND SUSPICIOUS SITUATION ARE A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES, FOR NOT MAKING AN INVESTIGATION FIRST? THERE PAST BACKGROUND IS ALL THERE, BUT YOU MUST LOOK FOR IT; STARTING WITH WHITEWATER, THEN BILL CLINTON'S DARK SEXUAL ISSUES AND THE SELLING OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE'S VOTES, TO UNFRIENDLY NATIONS? Trump Supporters will walk causing massive consequences in the Cleveland GOP delegate convention, as never seen in history. The majority of the 14 million voters and the Silent Majority will not vote if any dirty tricks are detected? Under Hillary Clinton illegal aliens will pour into our country. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR THE CRIMINAL CLINTON FAMILY WHO SAID THEY WERE BROKE WHEN LEAVING THE WHITE HOUSE, AND TODAY WORTH 100's OF MILLIONS. READ THEIR HISTORY FOR FACTS. NOR WILL I VOTE FOR THEIR GLOBALIST CRONIES. NOR WILL I VOTE FOR ANY POLITICIAN, WHO CONDONES ISLAMIC TREATMENT OF ANY WOMEN; USING THEM AS CATTLE OR WORSE. HILLARY CLINTON ACCUMULATED OVER $250 MILLION DOLLARS, WITH MOSLEM COUNTRIES WHOSE FAITH IS "SHARIA LAW" AND MURDERS GAYS, CHRISTIANS, JEWS AND STONE WOMEN TO DEATH FOR ADULTERY. AS TO THE APPLE CORPORATION, WITH TRUMP THEY ARE GOING TO LOSE THEIR ENORMOUS PROFITS BY USING CHEAP CHINESE LABOR INSTEAD OF US CITIZENS AND LEGAL IMMIGRANTS? THE NATIONAL LIBERAL PRESS LIE OR USE RHETORIC TO TWIST TRUMPS WORDS AND PLANS SUCH AS STOPPING THE ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION. LEARN MORE OF WHAT THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION AND THE GOP ELITISTS HAVE DONE FOR YOU, SUCH AS NOT ENFORCING OUR BORDERS, NOT MANDATING IF E-VERIFY. CHECK OUT UNPUBLISHED CRIMINAL ACTS BY FOREIGNERS AT YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY MORE TAXES UNDER OBAMA, CLINTON FOR THE MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS, THE ( 500%)) PERCENT MORE REFUGEES AND THE TAX & SPEND OF LIBERAL DEMOCRATS. The Democratic and Republican Elites will keep their access to Wall Street and become millionaires through cronyism and insider trading. The Corporate Inversion Donald Trump talks about, is stealing jobs, and huge business and the Politicians profit from this? Remember the Primary system is rigged on behalf of both parties. Cheap labor in the form of legal immigrants will take our jobs, as we are seeing now. A tax and spend Oval office with millions of more Americans on welfare to exist. Freeloaders who don't want to work, will forever stay on the welfare rolls. Without the wall, our borders will be unsecured. China, Japan, India; especially Mexico and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will put us in incomprehensible debt. Our military is being depleted; undersupplied and losing funds from the Parties votes and ONLY Trump will revitalized our armed services. ISIS will not be destroyed and will thrive. The US Constitution will be compromised. Our economy will NEVER, ever recover. Illegal immigration will continue, stealing American jobs to satisfy incorrigible businesses. Radical Muslims will take control, and slowly destroy our way of life. Sharia law will be forced on the American people, as in European countries. Our Vets will remain homeless, and suicides will rise as they are forgotten. Our guns will slowly be taken away, through new legislation. No matter where you or your family goes, reams of rules and regulations will follow you; small business will no longer be able to get ahead. We will remain dependent on foreign fossil fuels and our own abundant oil and gas reserves will be prohibited. A Hillary White House will force us into a dependency on government. Slowly the America we know will no longer exist, as the United Nations has more influence over ever issue in our sovereign nation?

S P A M!!!! (in capitals)! GO TRUMP!!

If "Doom & Gloom" were a commodity "Dave Francis", and you could patent it, you could easily be "Forbes", "Entrepreneur Of The Century"! "Lighten up Dave", we ALL have only one vote... I feel your pain, and we're ALL going to vote in hopes of relieving it...

The White House, Both Houses of Congress, the Supreme Court will be controlled by Democrats from now on. The chance for this is a great chance for human civilization to survive and thrive for many more thousands of years. This is the greatest moment in human history and assures even greater moments in a great future.

God help us !

Don't you believe it !... When the "dust settles", Trump will be President and Hillary will be lying in "that dust". How many Quinnipiac (and others) Polls have to be consistently wrong before you media people begin to "get it"? This flawed polling has been going on now for the better part of the year and "all y'all" STILL "have your heads buried in the sand" (I hope "St. Leo" is praying for your return to sanity and common sense...)


I see right wing denial is in full swing. Fact is Hillary will take Fla big time because you have such a loser because repubs and the far right are losers thst can't tell a liberal conman is taking them for a ride as you all are so gullible. Same as Rush, other liberal who found out how much money is to be made from gullible right wing fools like you. By the time the election gets here it'll be a rout with the right losinn the Senate, House and the Surpreme court. Really I and Hillarys team can't thank you enough.

I see right wing denial is in full swing. Fact is Hillary will take Fla big time because you have such a loser because repubs and the far right are losers thst can't tell a liberal conman is taking them for a ride as you all are so gullible. Same as Rush, other liberal who found out how much money is to be made from gullible right wing fools like you. By the time the election gets here it'll be a rout with the right losinn the Senate, House and the Surpreme court. Really I and Hillarys team can't thank you enough.

Speaking of 'losers', Hillary will be much too busy with her defense attorneys to capture anything in Florida! GO TRUMP!!

It is still quite a ways to Tipperary. These polls are about as relevant in June as the latest diet cook book.

This isn't giving demographics including how many rep vs dem vs indep were polled. Also are these voters? Are just the general public.

Just thinking Hitlery could remotely take Florida, let alone the POTUS, made me vomit in my mouth. I agree. Tired of "polls" that the criteria is not disclosed. When a criminal like Hillary can even poll above a child molester, it sickens me.

Poor 'Bill'. Imagine waking up to that crackling voice in the morning? UGH! GO TRUMP!!

See for details and for methodology and demographics.

The fact that two times in my life, a pollster hung up on me after a few questions, right after I said anything identifying me as a conservative, proves to me that most polls are a crock.

As a Democrat, I get those calls almost EVERY day,... and after providing facts and enlightenment, those calls always end on a friendly note (sometimes with a feeling of "conversion",...Just like mine).

It only proves how ignorant you are Daniel of basic election methods. They could have been push polls or wanting dems views that you were not the target of among many other things. But when you are so far right and ignorant you are blinded to the facts. And that is how repubs, trump con you as so, so gullible.

Oh Jerry, you sad little person. Now you're name calling at someone who expresses their own opinions? Hillary would be so proud of you! GO TRUMP!!

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