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Florida Republicans Want Rubio to Run Again

June 17, 2016 - 2:30pm
Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio

Even as David Jolly heads to the sidelines, a new poll shows Marco Rubio is a clear favorite for the Republican nomination if he wants a second term. 

St. Leo University released a poll on Friday showing Rubio in control if he runs for another term in the Senate. Rubio has opened the door to running for another term and has until next Friday to  make up his mind to run again. Prominent Republicans including Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and the NRSC leadership have urged Rubio to run for a second term. 

If Rubio runs, he starts off with a majority of likely Republican primary voters surveyed with 52 percent backing him. Ron DeSantis places a distant second with 5 percent while Jolly and Beruff pulled 4 percent apiece. Jolly announced on Friday he was ending his Senate bid to run for another term in the House. Carlos Lopez-Cantera garners 3 percent in the poll while Todd Wilcox takes 2 percent and dark horse Ilya Katz pulls 1 percent. 

‭“‬These results clearly show that Marco Rubio starts in a strong position in his‭ ‬expected bid to win‭ ‬the GOP nomination,‭” ‬said Frank Orlando who teaches political science at St. Leo University and is the director of that school’s Polling Institute.‭ “‬Rubio’s name recognition is so much stronger‭ than that of his competitors that they'd need to work extremely hard to close that gap.‭”

‭When Rubio is taken out of the mix, a majority of likely Republican primary voters--57 percent--are undecided while some of candidates log-jammed together with Lopez-Cantera claiming 9 percent and Beruff, DeSantis and Jolly getting 8 percent each. Wilcox gets 5 percent and Katz moves up to 2 percent. 

‭“‬Congressman Jolly appears to be making the smart‭ ‬move‭ ‬by getting out of the Senate race,‭ ‬even though he'll face a difficult re-election‭ ‬campaign against candidate‭ ‬Charlie Crist in a district that is more Democratic than it‭ ‬was last year,” Orlando said. “With‭ ‬Florida‭ ‬Lt.‭ ‬Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera and Ron DeSantis‭ ‬likely stepping‭ ‬aside too, Senator Rubio is in a good position to consolidate support.”

On the Democratic side, most likely primary voters--61 percent--are undecided while Patrick Murphy gets 16 percent followed by Alan Grayson with 14 percent. Lateresa Jones gets 4 percent and Pam Keith pulls 3 percent. 

‭“‬Alan Grayson and Patrick Murphy are‭ ‬still unknown quantities to most Florida Democrats,” Orlando noted.‭ “‬Patrick Murphy is the‭ ‬establishment‭ ‬choice,‭ ‬but Alan Grayson is hoping to capitalize on the intensity of‭ ‬younger voters that‭ ‬supported‭ ‬the‭ ‬Bernie Sanders‭ ‬presidential‭ ‬campaign.‭”‬ 

The poll of 500 Florida voters was taken from June 10-June 16 and had a margin of error of +/- 4.5 percent. 


No...we do not.

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Nobody in this Republican family wants Rubio.

NO we don't - It doesn't matter how many times you run this... WE still don't want him.. He is a traitor - he sold out Floridians .... send him to Cuba

Marco we do not want a part time didn't show up work before you ran for President and lost big in Florida, but you still collected your full pay check!! Get a real job !!

Rubio made his choice. He lost and lost big in Florida. He hurts a lot of candidates and races if he gets in. This will effect him if a strong candidate stays in.

NO he is a traitor... NO way..

David Jolly has dropped out of the Senate race and will try to retain his house seat against Charlie Crist. I hope Rubio will try to get reelected to the Senate. I campaigned for Barry Goldwater in 1964 and, although he was a flawed caandidate, he was far better than Donald Trump. I hope the party will have the courage to revolt in Cleveland. But the strategy now has to be to try to limit the damage to the party. Trump needs to be on a leash and muzzled, but all those efforts will be in vain.

He needs to give it a rest! After an embarrassing loss where he tried to get traction in the primary by comparing Trumps hand size to the size of his penis among other juvenile things, Little Rubio needs to sit out the political life for about ten years. He needs to, for once, make an honest living in the private sector and prove his mantle. He's been running for one office or another all of his adult life. Talk about a career politician! He's spent more of his life in politics than he spent out of politics and that includes childhood! Rubio is a really smart guy but he tries too hard to show it. A real livelihood for about a decade would serve him well. And if he can lose that superiority face, he could possibly become president in 2024 or 2028 when he has some maturity and life experience. Running for the Senate after losing even his home state to two outside Florida candidates will lead him into the Charlie Crist vortex. Plus, screwing his best freind who is already running for the senate seat shows the lack of character he can occasionally show. This one would really prove that he can throw anyone under the bus, that his needs come first and that he is a typical politician. Which given that he has never really done anything else, typical politician is what he is. Give it a long break or he will go on a losing streak that will reduce him to running in his old safe congressional seat in West Miami. Go to work Rubio and make your mark in the (real) world, business. The embarrassment of those outlandish debates is still fresh in Floridians minds and the Democrats will no doubt feature Rubio attacking Trump in the presidential ads as well as in the senate ads if he runs!

What are his options?


Be a highly paid lobbyist like so many other ex-elected officials. You get high $$ for that legal bribery of your prior colleagues.

GET A REAL JOB LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, MAYBE? A little HONEST work would do him well!

Run, Marco, run!!!

Run, Rubio, Run! . . . . . . especially on your Senate record . . . . . or lack thereof . . . . . . . . . gee, remember the 2010 race . . . you actually got LESS than 50% of the vote in an off-year election . . . . . how do you think that will work out in a Presidential election year in Florida when Democrats come out to vote (especially against Donald Trump!) . . . . . . so run, Rubio, run . . . . . . . it will be a fitting end to your political career . . . . . . and finally a end to mandatory news coverage of all the political-based personal lying, whether about your historical heritage, age of the earth, climate change, science in general, the merits of Donald Trump (or lack thereof - is he still the "dangerous con man" now that you're supporting him) . . . . . and even whether you'll run for Senate this year ("Because I am leaving the Senate. I am not running for reelection") . . . . . . . . . . . Rubio, the ineffective politician you can absolutely believe is always lying to you about something . . . . . . . PATHETIC . . . .

Why did they include Lateresa Jones in a Democratic primary poll? She is an NPA candidate, not a Democrat.

I don't where you got your information . . .maybe out of your own head, because me and the other Floridians I know do NOT want Marco . . . .. period~~ I honestly think you just make these figures up. go Trump!!

No we don't want Marco Rubio back in the senate!. Worst attendance record, Florida does not need a part time senator. He has said he does not like being in the senate and his Tea Party base will not support him. He will lose the general election. Losing the election will probably end his presidential ambitions once and for all.

Not in my book.....a vote For Mr. David Jolly . Marco Rubio Record of a non attendance, stands out like a sore thumb. Journalist articles, are trying to sway the people. And in this day & age the media will be non controlling, no matter what kind of an article they write....We The People, have become non-believers.

Marco is the man. And we want the Bushes to line up behind our Presidential nominee. Do we want to WIN or what??? Loyalty goes both ways.

Oye', Ana. Marco is NOT your "Presidential nominee", nor will he ever be Florida's! This lying, two faced dog sleeps with road kill and takes credits for their eradication all the while others do the work! Try to catch up, Ana, as Marco is NOT, and never will be Presidential! GO TRUMP!!

Marco is the man. And we want the Bushes to line up behind our Presidential nominee. Do we want to WIN or what??? Loyalty goes both ways.

No we don't.

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