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RPOF Counterattacks Karen Thurman on Finance Complaint

Last week, Florida Democratic Chair Karen Thumran filed a complaint with the Elections Commission against the Republican Party of Florida. In the letter, Thurman said that former GOP boss Jim Greer and treasurer Joel Pate did not disclose all the RPOFs finances. Thurman said that the paperwork the RPOF filed with the Federal Elections Commission did not match what they sent to the State Division of Elections.

The specific complaints from Thurman are as follows:

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Gov. to Hold Town Hall in Jax -- Minus Thrasher

Gov. Charlie Crist intends to hold a town hall meeting in Jacksonville this Friday. It's the governor's first town hall in 10 months.

A spokesman said Crist was invited to Jacksonville by Rep. Lake Ray, R-Jacksonville. But John Thrasher, the state senator representing Jacksonville and the chairman of the state Republican party, won't be attending, a spokeswoman for Thrasher said Tuesday.

The purpose of the town hall meetingis general in nature and merely allows the governor a chance to answer questions from the public, the governor's spokesman said.

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Rubio Crushes Crist by 32 Points in New Poll

A new poll from Public Policy Polling offers a snapshot at how far Gov. Charlie Crist is behind in his bid for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination.

Rubio now leads Crist 60-28, including a staggering 71-17 lead with conservatives. Crist has a 49-36 advantage with party moderates, but they account for just 31 percent of likely primary voters compared to 65 percent who describe themselves as conservative, Public Policy Polling noted in their release.

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Senate Committee passes leadership funds bill

Would Democrats take advantage of new legislation that would allow top lawmakers to create committees to campaign for members of their political parties? The Democratic Party of Florida says it hasn't considered the question.

"I think that what we're focused on is stopping Republican slush fiunds," said Eric Jotkoff, spokesman for the party.

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Political Bits and Pieces

Despite his reservations about the stimulus, Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp continues to act like a good solider for Gov. Charlie Crist. After blasting the stimulus in an interview with last week, Kottkamp inspected the Tequesta Drive Bridge in Palm Beach County. The Tequesta Drive Bridge was paid for with federal stimulus moneySure the Legislature is in session but thats not stopping Sen. Dan Gelber, D-Miami Beach, from hitting the trail for his campaign to be attorney general.

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Democrats Anoint Rubio Frontrunner

Marco Rubio is picking up steam in his bid to be Floridas next senator. At least his foes in the Democratic ranks think so.

Florida Democratic Communications Director Eric Jotkoff sends out a constant streams of email bashing Republicans, pointing out their inconsistencies and lambasting their positions.

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More Bad News for Crist Coming Tomorrow

More bad news for Gov. Charlie Crist after today's New York Times story on his administration's Everglades real estate deal with U.S. Sugar.

Tom Jenson of Public Policy Polling revealed today that his organization will release a poll tomorrow that has brutal numbers for Crist.

The numbers Jenson released so fararent promising for Crist. The poll of Republican primary voters has 19 percent wanting to see Crist as governor for a second term, 14 percent backing Crists Senate ambitions and 56 percent wanting him out of office all together.

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Crist Calls NY Times article a "hatchet Job"

After a months-long investigation, looking over thousands of emails and conducting more than 60 interviews, The New York Times released a report saying Gov. Charlie Crist's Everglades deal seems to really only be a good deal for U.S. Sugar... and Crist's long-time friend, George LeMieux.

Sunshine State News interviewed Crist Monday afternoon for his reaction and he dismissed the extensive research and reporting of The New York Times as a "hatchet job."

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Dark Horse on a Tractor: Randy Hatch Runs for Agriculture Commissioner

Its not every day that you see a tractor bedecked in American flags driving down Monroe Street in Tallahassee. But then its not every day you meet Randy Hatch, the former commissioner of Suwannee County who is now running to be state agriculture and consumer services commissioner.

In front of the old statehouse, Hatch met with the press to talk about his campaign. Pointing to a crack in the sidewalk, he pointed out that he got his start in politics there when he parked his tractor in front of the capital during the farm strike in 1977.

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Ausley Starts Fundraising Events, Attacking Atwater

Loranne Ausley, the favorite to become the Democratic CFO candidate, jumped into the race late, and she is starting her campaign fundraising with an event at Chez Pierre in Tallahassee on Tuesday.

She is also starting to go on the offensive by taking shots at the GOP frontrunner, Senate President Jeff Atwater, R-North Palm Beach.

Ausleys campaign website is clearly taking Atwater to task for his involvement in the RPOF fundraising and the credit card scandals. Yesterday, at her website, the campaign asked:

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