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Term Limits Amendment Backed by Congressional Candidate Jack Martin

Continuing his bid for the Republican nomination to replace retiring U.S. Rep. Rich Nugent, R-Fla., Pastor Jack Martin signed a pledge from U.S. Term Limits.

The pledge says candidates will back a constitutional amendment limiting members of the U.S. House to three terms and U.S. senators to two terms.   

"Washington is broken and much of the blame belongs to career politicians who care more about the next election than about fixing our federal government,” Martin said on Monday. “Professional politicians milk the system for themselves and their lobbyist benefactors and the American people suffer the consequences including increased spending, increased regulations and increased taxes. Congressional term limits is a common sense solution to the problem of professional politicians and the plight they have placed on the American people.  The Founding Fathers intended Congress to be a citizen legislature, made up of Americans from all walks of life, including clergy.  They also intended these citizen congressmen to return home to their livelihoods once their service was complete. Unfortunately, many in Congress today and many who hope to be in Congress next year, have put their self-interests above the best interests of the American people. I believe term limits will help heal our broken government, and I will abide by term limits. It is my hope that that not only the other candidates in District 11, but all candidates would join in taking this pledge. It would send a tremendously positive message to the people of our nation if all the candidates came together on this issue."  


Jarmelia, I am in agreement with you, and that is the very reason I am running. I'm a pastor not a politician, but I like perhaps yourself and many others have children, in my case six of them, and grand children, and if we don't stop the madness and begin to do things in a moral, practical way again our children are going to inherit something they will never dig out from under. There is a small group in DC who are trying but that number needs desperately to grow. Again, I do understand your frustration, and its to that end that I am running.

I have watched these "Republicans" for years and they have become a disgrace. Bloated government and the size of our debt is beyond imagination. If I had my way every one would get booted out. They cannot be trusted anymore.

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