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A Sunshiney Day for Florida News

Florida's been languishing in darkeness for too long. For too long we've had to rely on the mainstream media to deliver bias views of the important politics of our state. For too long, we've watched the other journalists simply chase each other's tale.

Following the pack just doesn't work for us anymore.

Sunshine State News is bursting forth on the political and business landscape of the state with a mission to deliver the news in a fair and balanced way. A way that's seldom seen from traditional medial outlets. This new news organization leaves behind the old trappings of the establishment and breaks ground to provide a resource for those who have long thought, "is this all there is?"

It's a pleasure to be a part of an organization that's determined to bring journalism back to it's ideals of telling meaninful stories and delivering relevant and useful information. And that's the kind of light you'll get with Sunshine State News.

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