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Steve Crisafulli Praises Rick Scott's Economic Record

Despite the Legislature shooting down much of Gov. Rick Scott’s top priorities,  Florida House Speaker Steve Crisafulli R-Merritt Island, had kind words for him on Monday. 

Crisafulli joined Scott in Orlando as the governor crossed the state looking to showcase his economic record. Scott filed to get most of his $1 billion tax cut package and additional funding for Enterprise Florida through the Legislature. 

 “Thank you Governor and thank you to the members of the Senate and House that are here today” Crisafulli said. “We are talking about job creation and something that goes into job creation is making sure that this state has a good tool box to go out and be successful in that endeavor. This year, we put together a tax package between the House and Senate and the influence of the governor and his focus on continuing to make sure that we have the tool box to be affective in this arena. We were able to put into place a permanent tax cut for manufacturers. There’s thousands of businesses in the state will have the opportunity to benefit from this, but not only for businesses, but Florida’s hard working families. We were able to reduce the RLE this year, the Required Local Effort. In taxes, that’s about a $400 million tax break for Florida’s families. We were also able to put out a tax break on the sales tax holiday as well as those for veterans organizations.
“So Governor, thank you for your influence,” Crisafulli added. “Obviously, we can’t do these things alone in the Legislature. It takes the work of all of us together. So Governor, without your help and your success in this arena, we wouldn’t be able to do that. So everyone needs to know that job creation comes in many different ways, and this year’s tax package is a big part of that. Obviously, we’ve been able to do in the past has led to 36,000 jobs and 5 percent unemployment rate. But we can all  be certainly very proud. Governor, thank you for your efforts and thank you for being in Orlando, and good luck with the rest of the tour.”

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