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SFWMD Takes Preemptive Action against Expected Weekend Deluge

South Florida is due for rain and plenty of it over the next five days, but South Florida Water Management District staff say they have plans in place to control additional flood water from local governments, drainage districts and homeowner associations.

Summer storms and the outer edges of a tropical disturbance in the northwest Caribbean are forecast to bring as much as 2-8 inches of rain across South Florida by the end of the weekend, says District in press statement released Thursday.

SFWMD water managers monitor regional canals and rainfall 24 hours a day and operate water control structures and pump stations in response to conditions to provide flood protection.

"Local governments, drainage districts and homeowners associations are directly responsible for moving water away from homes and neighborhoods and into SFWMD canals," said SFWMD Governing Board Chairman Dan O'Keefe. "The District is working with these local organizations to make them aware of the situation so they can prepare accordingly."

Afternoon thunderstorms are forecast for Friday and Saturday, followed by as much as 2-4 inches of rain on Sunday and Monday. Areas of the Keys and Southwest Florida are expected to receive the most rain. These storms come on the heels of a week drenched by heavy rains that dropped as much as 14 inches of across the region, with the heaviest in Collier and Broward counties.

SFWMD organized a coordination call at Thursday with the local government and drainage districts to coordinate activities and help them prepare for the coming rainfall.

Due to last week's heavy rainfall, landscape debris, as well as mulch and other lawn clippings could have accumulated in front of neighborhood storm drains. This type of blockage can lead to local flooding. The District is encouraging residents to check their drainage swales and storm drains to make sure there are no obstructions that will block the flow of water away from their property. 

View SFWMD's forecasted rainfall for the next several days.
View a list of contact numbers for local drainage districts.
Learn more about SFWMD's Flood Control System


This makes me angry. Just like property taxes and public schools, the District that is now overrun with Scott cronies can blame underfunded local government for the ensuing floods. Wake up, voters!! That being said, the ability to raise and lower the water in residential canals (at least in my area) is so precise, I once literally rescued a fish flopping around as the water drained out.

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