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Sen. Rick Scott Prepares for a Two-Day Trip to Puerto Rico

Sen. Rick Scott announced Friday that he will travel to Puerto Rico on Sunday and Monday to discuss ongoing efforts to rebuild and recover following Hurricane Maria. Last week Scott filed an amendment to provide an additional $600 million in disaster recovery funding for Puerto Rico.

Rick Scott
Said Scott, “I’m looking forward to visiting Puerto Rico on Sunday and Monday. This will be my ninth trip to the island since Hurricane Maria hit. As governor of Florida, I worked with the Puerto Rican government to support their rebuilding and recovery efforts, but the island still has a long way to go. I intend to be Puerto Rico’s voice in the U.S. Senate. I was proud that the first amendment I filed in the U.S. Senate was to fight for Puerto Rico and that my first trip as a U.S. senator will be to the island. I look forward to working with Congresswoman Jenniffer González-Colón and leaders in Puerto Rico to discuss what more we can do to support Puerto Rican families.”


Congresswoman Jenniffer González-Colón expressed her profound gratitude.

“Senator Rick Scott is the voice of Puerto Rico in the U.S. Senate, and I am proud to welcome him to the island," González-Colón said. "His first speech and first action as senator was to support Puerto Rico, which shows that he was serious when he promised to fight for us. I am honored to work with him to continue to make sure Puerto Rico has all the resources we need to rebuild.”


Scott has found his way to unemployment. Unfortunately for us, he has 5 and a half more years . Still that gives the GOP time to groom a proper candidate to replace him. Someone who understands the voters of FLORIDA elected him, not voters in PR. It's time to kick PR loose anyway. Hey maybe he can run for gov down there!

It is not the job of the mainland to rebuild PR. It is in the major hurricane path, and THE GOVERNMENT AND RESIDENTS SHOULD HAVE HAD INSURANCE to protect their buildings. If they didn't, it is not my job as a taxpayer to pour m9ney down that corruot rathole. Don't waste MY M0NEY.

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