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Rubio Legislation Would Prevent Federal Bailout Money for Obamacare Insurers

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio and a like-minded coalition of Republican lawmakers are wasting no time in dealing with Obamacare. They have introduced the HHS Slush Fund Elimination Act, a bill they hope will prevent the use of federal funds to rescue companies from Affordable Care Act costs.

Marco Rubio playing a crowd
What the HHS Slush Fund Elimination Act would do is stop the government from using the Judgment Fund, or any other federal funds, to pay any final judgment, award or settlement compromise related to any lawsuits related to the ACA’s risk programs. Their is similar legislation already in place. The problem is, the government is facing lawsuits from private companies looking for compensation.

Said Rubio, “Repealing and replacing ObamaCare is a top priority in the coming months, but one of the biggest battles we face right now is stopping the Obama Administration from ignoring and using billions in taxpayer dollars to bail out health insurance companies. The American people are paying too much for health insurance already, and they shouldn’t be forced to fork over even more of their paychecks to corporations that embraced a flawed health care law.”

According to the Orlando Political Observer, the bill will be introduced in "a post-election climate," where Republicans will have a clear runway under the Trump administration to pass legislation disarming or repealing the President Obama’s signature legislation.

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