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Rep. John Mica Wants Fifth-Taking GSA Official Off 'the Federal Dole'

Rep. John Mica, R-Orlando, on Tuesday called on the General Services Administration to immediately oust a high-ranking official at the center of recent scandals at the agency.

Mica, who chairs the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, asked GSA Acting Administrator Dan Tangherlini to fire, or at least dock the pay of, Region 9 Public Buildings Service Commissioner Jeffrey Neely.

Last week, GSA senior executive Neely took the Fifth Amendment before the Houses chief investigative panel and then snubbed the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, which has jurisdiction over GSA, Mica said.

He has abused his position of leadership and should not continue to be on the public payroll."

Mica said Neely "bears significant responsibility for wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money. He helped organize the lavish 2010 Las Vegas conference, a dubious employee awards program that handed out iPods, cameras, electronics, gift cards and more, and a conference for interns at a resort in Palm Springs.

"He also treated official government trips aspersonal family vacations to Hawaii, the South Pacific and other locations."

The congressman noted that while "other high-ranking GSA officials have been fired, resigned or placed on leave," Neely refuses to answer questions about his "abhorrent conduct."

"He needs to be removed from the federal dole immediately.

GSA did not have an immediate response.

Mica said his committee is planning further hearings into how to address wasteful spending at GSA, including examining whether the private sector can more effectively perform agency functions.

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