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Rep. Fine Files 'No Pickup, No Pay; No Service, No Sale' Legislation

State Rep. Randy Fine, R-Palm Bay, on Monday filed HB 971, a consumer protection act to keep Floridians from having to pay for garbage pickup, telecommunications, and cable service when those services are not actually provided.

Randy Fine
Under current Florida law, these services can -- and are -- billed, even if service is not provided.

“Over the past six months, I have received hundreds of complaints from my constituents regarding their garbage not being picked up,” said Fine.   “When government has the ability to mandate the purchase of a service -- garbage pickup -- it has the responsibility to ensure said service is provided. HB 971 will give consumers the ability to hold monopoly garbage haulers accountable.

"When those companies fail to provide the scheduled service, they will be unable to collect the associated revenue," Fine continued. "I believe this check-and-balance will lead to better service responsiveness in monopoly garbage pickup.

“Beyond garbage pickup, we learned during Irma that the cable and telecommunications companies often restored service far slower than the electric utilities. Why? Because electric utilities cannot bill for power they aren’t distributing, but cable and telecommunications can. That’s simply wrong," he said. "If a consumer isn’t receiving cable or phone or Internet service, he should not have to pay for it. Period.”

A companion bill will be filed shortly in the Senate, Fine said.

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