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Progressive Caucus Announces Round 3 Endorsements

Susan Smith, president of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, said Friday the DPCF has reviewed the third batch of candidates' voting records and responses to the group's questionnaire and assessed the strength of their campaigns. 

A DPCF endorsement in the August or November 2018 elections "indicates a candidate is a progressive champion and that he or she is running a strong and competitive campaign," Smith said in her announcement.  "We do not endorse in every race. Gerrymandering creates situations where good progressive Democrats must often compete to serve, so we may choose to recognize more than one good choice in a race."

Smith said, "Candidates applying for DPCF endorsement affirm their support for progressive policy positions on a wide range of topics, including world-class public education, gun safety, environmental protection, healthcare as a human right, and much more. Our caucus is committed to implementing progressive policies at all levels of government as a way to enhance Floridians' quality of life. ..."

The latest DPCF endorsements are as follows:

US House of Representatives
Pam Keith - Congressional District 18

State Senate
Kayser Enneking - District 8
Olysha Magruder - District 8
Bob Doyel - District 22
State House
Vikki Garrett - District 1
Amol Jethwani - District 21           
Neil Henrichsen - District 27           
Darryl Block - District 29
Geraldine F. Thompson - District 44           
Phil Moore - District 53
Vito Sheeley - District 70           
Tracy B. Pratt - District 71
Edgardo Hernandez - District 87
Saima Farooqui - District 96           
Michael Gottlieb - District 98
Kubs Lalchandani - District 113
Joshua Simmons - Broward County - Coral Springs Commission 4
Ryan Ross - Broward County Commission 2
Renata Castro - Broward County - Margate Commission 3
Tennille Doe-Decoste - Broward County School Board 4
Justin Flippen - Broward County - Wilton Manors Mayor
Otis Brown - Citrus County - Charitable Foundation 2
Adam York - Citrus County - School Board District 5
Cheryl Owen - Clay County - County Commission 4
Angela Birdsong - Hillsborough County Commission District 2
Mariella Smith - Hillsborough County Commission District 5
Kimberly Overman - Hillsborough County Commission District 7
Sky White - Hillsborough County Commission District 7
Bill Person - Hillsborough County School Board District 1                                    
Scott Hottenstein - Hillsborough County School Board District 6           
Robert Pechacek - Hillsborough County School Board District 6                                    
Matt Gozdor - Hillsborough County Soil & Water District 5                       
Nicolette Springer - Orange County Commission District 4
Johanna Lopez - Orange School Board District 2
Nick Guy - Sarasota County School Board District 1
William Bliss - Volusia County Soil & Water District 1

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida is an official charter of the Florida Democratic Party.

For the full list of candidates endorsed by the DPCF, please visit the DPCF website.

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