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Political Consultant and Sartorialist Roger Stone on Year's Best and Worst Dressed

Here's some respite for Tallahassee and Washington watchers temporarily fed up with post-election politics:

"StoneZone's Sixth Annual Ten Best and Worst Dressed Men and Women in the World for 2012"(Huffington Post). Definitely a nonpartisan undertaking.

Trust dapper Roger Stone, indeed a legendary American Republican political consultant, to suck us so engagingly into his second (or is it his first?) greatest passion, sartorial elegance.

On this year's just-released "Best" list, among others, are Shannon Sharpe, Bill Clinton, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Jay-Z, Michelle Obama, Pippa and Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham and Jessica Biel.

Classic descriptions throughout. But Stone saves his best for the list's "Worsts:"

Christina Aguilera: "You could see the girl's ass from outer space."

Katy Perry: "A fashion car crash."

Julianne Moore: "Sadly, this actress has no sense of coordination and cant piece together an outfit to save her life. An embarrassment. God-awful."

Taylor Momsen: "Is this actress-musician trying to do grunge and Goth at the same time? Why does Taylor insist on wearing lingerie as outerwear?"

Jesse Ventura: "He literally looks homeless."

Roland Martin: "He dresses like a pimp."

Larry King: "Thank God this man is done in primetime."

Michael Moore: (For the documentary filmmaker, just one word) "Slob."

And, by the way, Stone's release of this year's "Best" and "Worst" list coincides with his launch of, a web site that gives him another showcase for his ideas on style. Be sure to check out the James Bond-style portrait of the writer.

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