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Now We Get to See if Rubio Was Right

Sen. Marco Rubio has predicted a “red wave” in Tuesday’s midterms, never mind the polls or the Democrats' supreme confidence.

Marco Rubio
“In 2016 when we went in that final day, everybody was predicting gloom and doom,” Rubio said at a Jacksonville event for Florida Republican gubernatorial nominee Ron DeSantis. “They didn’t realize how many people were out there were waiting for Election Day because they feel so strongly about this race that they want to go to the polls on Election Day.”

“When those numbers started coming in, we’d never seen anything like it,” Rubio added. “Forget about a blue wave. A red wave of votes started coming in, and it proved all the pundits wrong in 2016. That’s what’s gonna happen again now.”

Rubio also encouraged his Twitter followers to vote in the midterms.

“Like 2016, this will be decided by those who vote on Election Day,” he wrote in a tweet Monday.

Democrats are projected to flip the House in their favor while Republicans are expected to hold onto their razor-thin Senate majority, according to most forecasts.

FiveThirtyEight gives Democrats a seven in eight chance of winning the House and Republicans a five in six chance of retaining the Senate. It also predicts that 24 states will have Democratic governors and 26 will have Republican ones at the end of the night.

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