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Marco Rubio: Florida's 'Our Stop Donald Trump'

Trying to catch businessman Donald Trump in the Sunshine State, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., made his final pitch to Florida Republicans on Monday. 

Insisting “it’s too close to call” despite polls showing Trump in the lead, Rubio maintained that his ground game made the Sunshine State competitive. 
“The momentum for our campaign on the ground in Florida has grown exponentially and is contagious,” Rubio insisted on Monday “Floridians know that Donald Trump doesn’t have the answers our nation needs -- in fact, his divisive, angry rhetoric is just the opposite. We cannot let him hijack our conservative movement.
“I said this weekend that Donald Trump’s campaign has our country coming apart at the seams, and we cannot let that happen,” Rubio added. “Stopping Donald Trump comes down to what happens in Florida tomorrow night.”

With Rubio’s presidential campaign hinging on Florida, he showed no signs of lowering the stakes on Monday. 

“It may sound drastic, but it’s the truth: The future of our country and our party rest on the voters in Florida tomorrow," Rubio insisted. “This is our chance to take our country back and stop Donald Trump.”

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