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Jimmy Fallon Brings New Low to Late-Night TV with Obama

It was the lowest self-imposed presidential moment since the Bill Clinton "boxers or briefs" question.

A sitting president, standing on a stage, hawking -- badly to my ears -- a transparently pandering policy with a group of the best and brightest minds of our country who referred to him in song as things like the "POTUS with the mostest."

Charming, really.

In fairness, President Obama's later interview with Jimmy Fallonincluded hardball questions that brought up revelations like Obama likes alternative sources of energy, was displeased by the Secret Service scandal, expects negative campaign ads and knows Mitt Romney but doesn't consider him a friend. (Actually, I could make a case for at least two out of four of these being true of me as well. Bet you could, too.)

The president was slumming a little after Michelle's recent love fest with David Letterman, but that's David "I hate Republicans" Letterman, so what could you expect?

Well, I did expect a little more from Fallon. I truly thought he had a genuine respect for the office he holds only at the approval of millions of his countrymen. But I guess when you're beating the bushes for support among the all-important youth bloc, you do what you have to.

Fallon won't eventually have to talk to adults, though

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