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Gary Johnson Wades Into Arizona's Same-Sex Marriage Fight

Former Gov. Gary Johnson of New Mexico, who left the GOP to run as the Libertarian Partys presidential nominee in 2012, shows no signs of leaving the political scene. On Monday, Johnson announced that he would be playing a large part in trying to ensure same-sex marriage in Arizona. Our America Initiative, which has ties to Johnson, will help gather signatures to file a state constitutional amendment to overturn Arizonas ban on same-sex marriage.

Like a great many legal experts, I believe the U.S. Supreme Court will -- any day now -- empower states to decide the fundamental question of marriage equality, Johnson wrote supporters on Monday. We want to seize the momentum such a decision will create, and doing so in Arizona, a conservative Western state, will send a message of individual freedom to every corner of the nation.

We have crafted a proposed amendment that not only protects the rights of committed couples to marry, but also clearly protects the religious freedoms of all faiths," Johnson insisted. Overturning Arizonas ban on same-sex marriage is just the first step in a broader effort that will extend to additional states in the days and weeks ahead. Eliminating marriage discrimination requires a coalition that cuts across all political lines. I am proud that this effort is being launched from a platform of liberty, individual freedom, and fundamental fairness -- and I am excited by our prospects for success. In a dramatic shift from a few short years ago, polls show that America is ready for marriage equality. Our task is to provide them with the opportunity to go to the polls and take this decision away from the politicians and the courts.

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