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Corcoran Announces Creation of Select Committee on Hurricane Response

Speaker Richard Corcoran announced Tuesday the creation of the Select Committee on Hurricane Response and Preparedness. The Select Committee will gather information, solicit ideas for improvement, and make recommendations that can be utilized in the work plans of the appropriate standing committees.

Specifically, it will address issues such as protection of the elderly, disabled, and other vulnerable populations as well as look at evacuation and mitigation challenges for future storms

The Speaker characterized the select committee as "an advance team to prepare the house for the regular session.”  
The Select Committee will be chaired by Speaker Pro Tempore Jeanette Nunez. Membership is as follows:

  • Rep. Jeanette Nunez, Chair
  • Rep. Ray Rodrigues, Vice Chair
  • Rep. Ben Albritton
  • Rep. Danny Burgess
  • Rep. Cord Byrd
  • Rep. Bob Cortes 
  • Rep. Dane Eagle
  • Rep. Michael Grant
  • Rep. Elizabeth Porter
  • Rep. Holly Raschein
  • Rep. Paul Renner
  • Rep. Chris Sprowls
  • Rep. Cyndi Stevenson
  • Rep. Jay Trumbull

Announcing the Select Committee, Corcoran said, “Hurricane Irma produced many heroes and showed, once again, that Americans take care of each other.  Tireless work by Governor Scott combined with the outstanding efforts of first responders, emergency managers, electrical workers, and ordinary Floridians, showed that there is no challenge we can't face if we work together.  Make no mistake, the very best of Florida is on display since the threat of Irma emerged.”
He continued, “Even in one of our finest hours as a state, we can still learn.  We will ensure Florida is even more prepared to weather the next storm.  Whether it is hardening the grid, burying transmission lines, mitigating flooding ,enhancing shelter facilities, creating a gas reserve or a host of other strategies, the Florida House will take action.”


No representation by legislators that represent the Herbert Hoover dike, a major concern for storms. Big oversight by Mr. Corcoran.

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