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Congressman Ted Yoho Defends Vote Against Disaster Relief Appropriations Act

U.S. Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla., issued a statement Tuesday night defending his vote againstHR 152, the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act:

I strongly believe that we should provide support for all Hurricane Sandy victims. This is an incredibly important issue that demands immediate attention. We cant afford to wait to get the appropriate aid to Sandy victims any longer. It is our responsibility as elected representatives to act in the best interest and welfare of our nations citizens, which is why I am in support of responsible disaster aid for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I am not, however, in favor of bankrolling special interest federal programs that have nothing to do with helping the victims of this terrible tragedy.

It is unfortunate that so many well-intentioned but ill-directed items were placed in the bill. I believe that most people would agree with me that the immediate need is getting aid to people on the ground not funding for future projects. Projects such as the $150 million for Regional Ocean Partnership grants, $111 million in funding for a weather satellite data mitigation reserve fund, and $11 million for the FBI and DEA have no place in disaster relief. As elected representatives, we must take responsible action. We must redirect discretionary money to offset the cost of the aid needed. A federal government of this size can and should sacrifice for the sake of its citizens.

The Act passed the House by a vote of 241 to 180.

Yoho represents North Central Floridas 3rd congressional district.

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