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Come Monday, Jimmy Buffet's Still Living Down His National Anthem Clown Act

Really? A mic-drop after botching the National Anthem? What was Jimmy Buffet thinkng?

Pardon me if I take this moment away from Sunshine State News to join the cascade of football fans who took to Twitter Sunday to express their disgust at "Margaritaville" legend Buffet for his offensive dramatics in New Orleans before the start of the Saints-Rams football playoff 

When you're a scratchy-voiced 72-year-old trying to hide that your vocal chords' glory days are 20 years in the rearview, and you're singing the world's most challenging national anthem without hitting the high notes, why on earth would you want to embarass yourself and insult patriotic fans with a comedy-show mic-drop?

If I were you, Jimmy, I'd slip on a Mardi Gras mask before I sailed out of town.

Jimmy Buffet Sunday in New Orleans


Actions of a typical left leaning liberal who by his own actions performs miserably and adds insult by dropping the "mike" while on stage performing at an overpriced concert! Best action for you Jimmy boy is pull out that fat checkbook and stroke a fat check to some Veterans Fund that helps those who have Served under the Flag and our National Anthem unlike you and most of your kind!

Time for him to check into his own senior citizens development in Daytona Beach

Completely agree. Buffett is awful and should go back to his sail boat.

I did buy his greatest hits CD 20 (or more) years ago. After ripping it and putting it in my car and other places, I enjoy the songs every now and then. It's a shame that he has to make himself ugly by exposing his LWNJ politics and inability to sing any more.

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