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City of Jacksonville Passes Human Rights Ordinance

The Florida LGBTA Democratic Caucus was celebrating Tuesday night the Jacksonville City Council's passage of a comprehensive Human Rights Ordinance. The HRO bans discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression.

A coalition of Jacksonville LGBT residents, business owners and other community and spiritual leaders had spent the past five years pushing for the ordinance's successful passage. While the measure includes exemptions for federally-defined religious organizations, amendments to put the HRO to a referendum vote and remove protections for transgender individuals were both defeated.

Mayor Lenny Curry has stated that he would allow it to become law without his signature.


Great! A new protected class with more rights that the average citizen. Lovely!

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BREAKING NEWS Public Interest Law Firm Releases Legal Memo Documenting Jax HRO Cannot Become Law Before February 28 The full legal memorandum can be read here. The summary states: “The City Charter does not allow the mayor to give an ordinance immediate effect without his signature. Mayor Curry’s announcement that he will allow the HRO to become law without his signature does not give the HRO immediate effect. Mayor Curry still has the power to veto the HRO at or before the February 28th City Council meeting.” Women Rally Wednesday Urging Mayor Lenny Curry to Veto HRO Because Mayor Curry still has the legal option of vetoing the HRO, hundreds of Jacksonville women are gathering this Wednesday, February 22, 2017, from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm for a rally and press conference outside on the sidewalks surrounding City Hall and in Hemming Plaza. At 12:30, various women are scheduled to make public statements to the media urging the Mayor to veto the HRO because the law would force them and their daughters to shower, dress and use bathrooms with men. Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. recently released a list of 21 bathroom abuse incidents around the country as a direct result of policies like the ones contained in the Jacksonville HRO which give biological men a new right to use women's showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms. That list can be found here.

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