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Bernie Sanders Endorsed by Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida (DPCF) is backing U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., for the Democratic presidential nomination. 

Bernie SandersSusan Smith, the president of the DPCF, praised Sanders on Monday. 

"Throughout his political career as well as his presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders has proven to be a bold progressive who is ready to fight for the values that DPCF members hold dear,” Smith said. “Like our membership, Bernie views the problems of income inequality, institutional racism and money in politics as structural issues that must be addressed for real change to occur.
“With today's endorsement, the DPCF is joining Bernie's political revolution by working to win the presidency as well as down-ballot races throughout Florida in 2016,” Smith added. “We are committed to running a 100 percent positive campaign in support of Bernie Sanders, and when the primary race is over, we will work our hardest to be sure that the Democratic nominee wins the White House in November."


Hillary Clinton's undergraduate thesis: " 'There Is Only the Fight . . . ': An Analysis of the Alinsky Model." If one reads it one sees her deep commitment to social justice and her intellectual development of pragmatic organizing for change. --Kathleen

’m a member and I voted for Hillary Clinton, One can be Progressive and support Hillary Clinton. This endorsement was a majority of Progressive Caucus members, but not all. Some Progressives, like me who have not missed a general or primary in 25 years WILL vote for HRC. I voted for her in 2008, contribute to her monthly. I am a coordinating member of the Progressive Librarian Journal. There is nothing whatsoever that says Bernie owns the Progressive vote nation-wide. This endorsement was by no means unanimous. reply

You can support whichever candidate you wish, but please...HIllary IS NOT, nor has she EVER BEEN a 'Progressive' Democrat. She says so herself. She is a "moderate'/centrist. All one needs to do is look at her stances over the years. She's only moved more left DURING THIS ELECTION - because she SEES what is appealing most to voters. Thank you, Florida Progressive Caucus, for backing the only candidate whose values, ideals and ideas align with progressives in the U.S. He's the real deal.

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