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Apparently Andrew Gillum Doesn't Believe the 'Golden Rule' Applies to Him

Wasn't anyone else disgusted at the hypocrisy of Andrew Gillum's animal reference to his opponent during the debate Wednesday night?

The man who claims to have been so offended by Ron DeSantis' "monkey it up" comment at the start of the gubernatorial campaign turns around and callously refers to DeSantis as a dog. For a laugh.
"My grandmother used to say, 'a hit dog will holler,'" Gillum said when DeSantis lost his cool at being connected to accused racist David Horowitz.

Hypocrisy always gets my attention, but I was going to let this one go. Until the Washington Post published an entire story about grandma's old-saying, gleefully treating it like an innocuous, well-known proverb with a respectable history.

It isn't to me. Not in the context in which it was used. 

To my knowledge, Andrew Gillum is the only candidate who actually has dehumanized an opponent by directly referring to him/her as an animal. 

I just wish before he opened his mouth, the Tallahassee mayor would have tried putting the shoe on the other foot, and the media had been more inclined to call him out for failing to do unto others ...

But apparently, that's just me.

A shout-out, however, goes to Peter Schorsch at Florida Politics, who found some unsavory snark of his own in Gillum's debate demeanor. He wrote about it Thursday in "'Hurt' comment one of lowest moments of Andrew Gillum’s campaign." 

DeSantis had been relentless in his attack on Gillum for Tallahassee's crime rate. Schorsch pointed out what happened next:

"Gillum joked that DeSantis might want to reconsider running for governor: 'The governor’s mansion’s in Tallahassee. I would hate for him to be hurt.'

"On a day when at least nine suspicious packages sent in recent days to public figures, including the Obama and Clinton families, and CNN’s New York bureau, Gillum cracked wise about a politician getting hurt," wrote Schorsch. "A politician, by the way, who last year had just left a Republican congressional baseball practice before a gunman started shooting at his teammates." 

It was fair comment.


Donald Trump is the prototypical, quinessential, American white male pig. Truly, 'The Ugly American'. Calling him just a "dog" doesn't do him justice!

White male pig, interesting to say the least, going for the lowest common denominator, let’s see, the economy is growing at the best rate in decades, wages are growing, unemployment levels for all Americans the lowest in decades, welfare rolls are shrinking, I’ll take this POTUS over the previous four any day.

BillB---if anyone is an empty suit it is Gillum. He has accomplished absolutely nothing in his life...his a performance during the debates was nothing more than a reciting a series of well rehearsed lines. What no one is talking about is IF Gillum wins (and that is a very big if) there is virtually nothing in his wealth redistribution agenda that the Legislature will agree to.

BillB - Hopefully you're correct in your estimation that the legislature will oppose this Marxist's destructive agenda. If they go along with any of it, Florida will shortly regress to Venezuela.

Alexander Hamilton - My apologies, my remarks re the legislature were in reply to your statement, not this BillB.

Gillum showed DeSantis to be a complete empty suit. He (DeSantis) has no plan and no vision. Which is odd for a Harvard graduate. I wish the debate had focused more on the enviornment and health care, which are two issues a Governor can really impact. Being a Trump toady may get you through a primary, but I'm not sure it gets you to the finish line.

Gillum is nothing more than an Obama clone, wealth redistribution, free health care( well not really free you will pay through the nose), raise taxes by a billion dollars, destroy the state with his Marxist ideology.

BillB - Thank you for the nice example of projection by which the Left always accuses its many enemies of all that it is, says, and does. DeSantis has a good plan and you well know it. Your buddy, Komrade Gillum, also has a plan, one which will quickly reduce Florida to Venezuela, with the added bonus of rampant street violence directed at anyone who dares question this thin-skinned, arrested development tyrant. He's already made veiled threats against DeSantis, saying he doesn't want him to get hurt in the Governor's Mansion. One thing the American people know after eight long years of a similar specimen as President, when they make threats, take them at their word. Your pal Gillum will permanently destroy Florida.

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