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Allen West Working Out of a Cafeteria

"Please pass the saltshaker -- er, I mean, the file!"

According to the Daily Caller, Allen West and other congressmen booted out by voters last month have been evicted from their regular offices and are now working out of cubicles set up in the House cafeteria.

"Go looking for the outgoing members of Congress in their offices, and you might find only the cleaning crew," says the Caller.

"Those members who lost their seats in November or decided to retire have already been evicted from their offices. Now, they work out of a series of numbered cubicles set up in what is usually a part of the cafeteria in Rayburn, a House office building, as they serve out the final weeks of their term.

"No longer do they have space for multiple staffers and several interns. Instead, said Eva Malecki, communications director for the Architect of the Capitol, which takes care of all the moving, the cubicles have 'space for the member and a staffer or two.'"

{"Defeated House Members Thrown Out of Their Offices, Given Cafeteria Desks"}

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