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Allen West: Obama's 'Hope and Change' Becomes 'Divide and Rule'

U.S. Rep. Allen West, commenting on President Obama's visit to his congressional district, said today:

"Four years ago, our president's campaign of hope and change inspired and united millions of Americans. Listening to President Obama's speech at Florida Atlantic University today, it is clear that 'hope and change' has been replaced with 'divide and rule.'

"President Obama's only hope for re-election seems to be that Americans will overlook his failed economic policies if he can successfully divide people along the lines of income and wealth."

In a statement, the two-term congressman commented on Obama's speech at Florida Atlantic University, where the president renewed his call for a "Buffett Rule" to raise taxes on upper-income Americans:

"The unfortunate reality is, even if the electoral fortunes of President Obama and Democrat congressional candidates improve by demonizing people and turning the American people against each other, cynical and divisive political strategy does nothing to create jobs for the 14 million unemployed Americans; it does nothing to alleviate soaring gas prices that pinch family budgets and prevent small businesses from hiring; and it does nothing to increase opportunity for all Americans, regardless of skin color, gender, age or income."

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